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30 Day Writing Challenge — Here Is How To Do It

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You want your writing to shine like a rockstar. Sure enough, there was a day when you thought you needed to write daily for you to improve, and you fell in love with the idea. You started on a journey to write daily for 30 days. Because that seemed reasonable enough time to get used to the idea and check if you notice any improvement.

And you devise a plan, schedule, and motivate yourself for the challenge. Each day you put in the work to try to get to the minimum of 300 words. Because that seems an ideal word count — enough for you to share your ideas and also continue with the challenge for a longer time.

Writing 500 or 1000 words each day is a daunting task and you need to give yourself some time before you even try this. All this goes very well for few days.


You Fail

You skip a day either because of fever or some tight deadline. And you feel stressed because you couldn’t stick to the routine. Each day you feel it is okay to skip because you have done it already. The vicious cycle of self-doubt starts to set in and it eats at you before you can collect yourself.

Failure becomes a big hurdle. Because consistency is the key and if it gets broken once then it is gone. You can’t have a half-baked process to improve your writing.

On top of it, you struggle to write about varied things. It seems your ideas don’t come and it is a struggle to jot down even a few lines on some days. Many people affectionately call it— writer’s block. And it gets to many people. Your mind just goes blank with no immediate train of thought. And it leaves you paralyzed, sometimes for hours, and then you skip to the next day. Your conclusion is formed: writing daily is tough and not something you can do. Not your cup of tea.

Or Is It?

Reading and getting hands-on experience is a must for a flawless writing habit. You can’t write if you don’t have the ideas, experience, or opinions to share with the world. And you get them either by first-hand experience or an extensive reading habit. Get both of them. Even better, try planning to read every day for 1 hour — maybe for 30 days.

And it is okay to skip a day. You may not write everyday and that is okay.

And even if you write each day, you can’t produce gold every time. So relax and enjoy the process to liberate ideas one at a time. Let your writing sit for a week. Discard a few pieces and work on others. Out of 7 sample pieces, publish a few of them. This is the way to write daily and produce content that is readable, impactful, and connect-worthy.

Sure, you might fail some days and people might not like what you wrote. Learn from those experiences too and keep on repeating the cycle. The idea is to not give up and embrace the journey.

Rest, everything follows.

Remember you aren’t doing this to showcase to the world that you are part of a challenge or to appear cool. The reason for writing daily should be something within yourself. The desire to improve, make connections, and bring change with your writing skill. It starts with one day and sticks for a lifetime of joy.

Have you tried a writing challenge? How did it go?