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5 Things That Will Help You Write Better

Writing can be a daunting task. Here are 5 things to help push and encourage you to write better.


It is easy to keep your head down and write down the thoughts that come randomly, but it can hard to write words that create a connection. As a writer, you aim to write something magical, fierce, and epic. But it doesn’t have to be 1000 words long — it can be, but it doesn’t have to. You get to choose when to write and when to stop.

Before you pen down your thoughts, you need to kill at least 10 different things about your day. Yes, you need to pick up kids from school, pay the rent, and do a hundred other different things, but if you keep thinking of those things, then it will be difficult to focus on the topic you intend to write about. Writing demands flow — something that comes when you think of a central theme and let the juices run. Don’t let yourself become distracted by varying thoughts — I reckon kill them.


Most of the time, your ability to write isn’t the question. A problem arises when you have insufficient information to form a constructed opinion. When you find yourself unable to write more than a few lines, it is time to go back to reading.

Researching for your topic helps a lot. You’re exposed to different ideas, perspectives, and even different the structure of articles or stories. Maybe you can build upon an article and avoid grey areas the previous author did not. Nothing is original — it is only driven by perspective. (At least, most of articles follow this rule.) So chances are your idea has been discussed before. Read a few articles to arm yourself with enough creative juices such that you become a new leader in the discussion. With a voice unique to you, you will become the one who pushes the boundaries with your writing.


Netflix is home to some of the best original and curated shows. Watching Netflix is not a waste. You can binge watch for entertainment as well as for some inspiration.

Many of the shows are woven with great storytelling, original concepts, and awesome personalities. Keep your idea-brain working and jot down a few, or maybe many, ideas from the shows. You don’t have to be alert and pressure yourself to bring in new ideas constantly while watching. Relax and enjoy the shows and you’ll find your brain will come up with ideas here and there all the time.

For example, while watching House of Cards — you may be inspired to write about finding time when you are at the top of a chain of command, or about how to use politics to reach your goals. Inspiration is all around you — you just need to use your idea muscle to generate some insightful content.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty could have been covered by Netflix. But I think it deserves a special mention.

We all have shows that are dear to our hearts. For me, as of now, it is Rick and Morty. I try to understand the story line, the writing, and the “behind-the-scenes”. A show becomes great when the creators and team put in their best.

Once you get to know how much they rehearsed, wrote and struggled— it gives you the motivation to work even harder. You want your writing to reflect the best along the same line as your best TV show.

So go ahead and go nuts over the show that makes you go WOW.

Google Trends

Sometimes you can blend topics that are trending with your own perspectives. For example, you may hop on Google Trends and see that football is on the rise. You might write an article about how following a football players’s diet can help you get in shape, or about what life lessons you can learn from the recent epic game.

You can always blend your niche with a few of the trends on the rise. And if your article is spread via Medium, LinkedIn, or some other popular site, then it will reach many eyeballs. So, work hard to find that opportunity of a lifetime. EVERYDAY. Sure enough — you can’t write gold articles every time based on rising topics alone, but they can serve as sources of inspiration and direction for your writing.

Break The Rules

These aren’t hard and fast rules you must follow for your writing to shine. This is simply one of many writing paths — you are free to discover new ones and share those with the world.

I hope you find your own writing rhythm.