6 Powerful exercises to actually “Write it” baby!


Happy New Year to all of you! Hope it’s not too late to sat that.
Wish you all “good” pen and “strong” paper on Your working desk.
Hope you all have already made “Resolutions”, no matter what it means to you…Without further ado let’s hop right to New Exercises in New 2018 Year.

#1 Mumbo Jumbo

No it’s not a dance for sure. The trick about this particular exercise is to take from 7 to 15 different words that are not connected to each other, have different meaning, have no theme what so ever and create a short story, using every single word. Let’s face it you HAVE to be creative about that, so no excuses.

And because we are talking “business here”: interrogating, thinking, wondering, here are some-some-some words for you try this exercise.

Example: ennui, liaises, sham, verisimilitude, arduous, mermaid, coach, tweaking.

O boy, good luck you guys!

#2 Meditation


For now, I’m not saying that you should sit on the pillow, close your eyes and meditate, yes sometimes it helps, but let’s skip it for now. 
This exercise is about creating a story looking on the picture.

Now come to think of it: a picture or an old photo is already a story[that feeling when you found your great grandmother’s photo in the old capboard, pure history, totally related to you, no idea what hapened there, no one to ask, so imagine and create a short story], 
because at some point of the specific time period certain episode of life was captured by camera, or painted, or created via photoshop.

So what your story is going to be about?

I will put a picture here and you can use it, and create your own story, good luck to you ;)


#3 Read a poem

There is absolutely nothing more powerful than a poem.

“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words” — Allan Edgar Poe

Hom many of us think it’s inspirational? 
Poem really contains everything: a story (to start with).
Now what is your task here? 
Go ahead and read a poem, then read again, then try to write a story based on the poem, maybe it will be a small part of your story, maybe the whole story but in narrative, maybe the poem will be your denouement.

So here you go,a poem of pure philosopher, please do the Cretive writing or think about that, because since every author outline the life of each individual, same way poetry helps us through the dark times of “blocks”

“Heaven” — is what I cannot reach!
The Apple on the Tree — 
Provided it do hopeless — hang — 
That — “Heaven” is — to Me!
The Color, on the Cruising Cloud — 
The interdicted Land — 
Behind the Hill — the House behind — 
There — Paradise — is found!
Her teasing Purples — Afternoons — 
The credulous — decoy — 
Enamored — of the Conjuror — 
That spurned us — Yesterday!
 by Emily Dickinson

#4 Listen to the Sound of Music

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” — Victor Hugo

This exercise is also are a meditative one, and goes when you are literary stuck.
Most of you heard, if you have a writing block just try to relax: listen to your favorite song. Bang! Exactly — listen. 
Music helps us to wonder and to imagine things, create worlds … and words…
Besides a song is also a poem, that means a story. 
So exercise here is practical, listen to a song, and while listening close your eyes and do nothing, then, when a song finished, write something on a paper: a story, a quote, a sketch…
Now it really does not matter what you are going to do, but this “note” will help you with something creative.

#5 Quote it baby!

Quote is a line, mainly we use quores of famoust people, like authors, or politicians, or lines from our favorite books.
This exercise can be done in several ways.
1)Pick up a quote [line from your favorite story] and try to write something based on the line, or 
2)just use it as an inspiration to write something.
Both ways are good to use all your guts to be creative Gods, oops did I just made a rhyme? 
Anyway, here you go a quote from one hell of a good writer

“True friends stab you in the front” Oskar Wilde

So try to write a short story based on this line, it can be a really short shory, like flash fiction or maybe even bigger, or a whole book, you decide.

#6 Do this exercise

Push-ups = 10 times
Squats = 10 times
Jumps = 10 times
Walk=once per day
just Dance 
or do yoga, here you go

Physical exercises help our brain to work faster, meaning better, and for Writers it is absolutelly necessary to have a hard working brain. So yeah, this last exercises is for your body and your brain who wants to be saturated with oxygen.

Hope You found this article helpful at some point, go ahead and leave some comments with done exercises, and well have a great day :)

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