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A Bloggers Dilemma…

Are you proud of your work? Do you share your old work? These are the problems and questions that I recently came across while building my new blog.

After making my blog and letting it sit empty for a few days, I got to thinking.

Do I upload all my previous work from Medium? Or, do I just upload the work which I’m proud of writing. The stories with the most success or the ones with the highest reach. Do I only upload them?

Upload Everything

Writing is a journey of continuous self-improvement, as a writer, we are never truly complete, we just aim to be better than yesterday.

Writing is a journey of continuous self-improvement.

Going by that statement, we should upload all of our previous work to a new platform, so that followers may experience our whole journey in one place.

But, this is less of a question of objectiveness and more of subjectivity. It’s not whether others will enjoy it, but rather we think they're good enough to be re-shared on a new platform or would we prefer to let them dwindle and fade out like a dying star.

Looking back at my old posts, I can only think they aren’t up to par. Although, it’s to say this in hindsight from a more experienced perspective.

I know I was proud of my writing back then. However, now it is different. Thinking like this though leads me to believe I don’t want to share my old writing on a new platform.

I only want the best for my blog; some stories won’t make the cut and some will. Some days I’ll write better stories than others, that’s just the life of a writer. We never actually know when our next masterpiece is going to happen.

Uploading only the ‘diamonds’

Diamonds in the rough.

That’s the most accurate way I can describe writing. No-one can make diamond articles all the time; I don’t care who you are. We all have bad days and good days.

Diamonds in the rough.

Sharing only our best articles has a profound effect on our ability as writers. We improve slower, make less progress and learn slower. And, here’s why:

To improve means to learn and to learn, we must make mistakes. Mistakes that allow us to understand what we did wrong so we can do it better next time.

To improve means to learn and to learn, we must make mistakes.

With writing it is no different, we learn about from our mistakes from our peers. It could be anything from a better way of framing a subject to writing sentences, but the important thing is it came from someone else.

How could that person see our work if we didn’t share everything we made?

If we only share the diamonds, then we’d never learn from our mistakes because we appear to be flawless when in-fact we have many imperfections.

The best of both worlds

With both of these scenarios in mind, we need to design an ideal solution that incorporates the best of both methods. We need to learn from our mistakes from our not-so-good articles, but then we want to show off our great articles for the world to see.

We need to design a ideal solution that incorporates the best of both methods.

What I suggest is, upload everything you have touched to a new platform. Every article you have produced (Or, if you have been writing a long time, a period of six months will suffice).

With this method, you give new readers the chance to witness everything you produce but also gives you an opportunity to grow and improve by learning from your peers.

But what about our diamonds? We want them to sparkle!

Many online CMS’s systems like WordPress, now let the user(s) select cornerstone and feature articles on their blogs. Do this with your diamonds. Let them shine in the glaze of glorious attention. Keep them there as long as you want, or until you, next diamond comes along.

This is the ideal solution for people to use. Although, you may wish to alter and adjust it as needed to fit your requirements. However, if you do change it then be sure to let me know how you got on by tweeting me.

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