Being a “successful writer” is not a do or die affair.

Note to self: Take a chill pill.

Writing on medium could be setting you up for something else. Perhaps this experience came about because you needed to learn introspection, and empathy for the next phase of your life.

You’re getting exactly what you need out of this experience. You just don’t recognize it yet.

Perhaps you needed some experience in rejection. Because that’s basically a writers life. At different points, you’re feeling rejected — when editors don’t accept your pitch, when you get only 7 claps on an article you thought would kill. By the way, everyone gets 7 claps in the beginning too. You’re not necessarily a bad writer because you aren’t getting tons of claps.

Perhaps you needed to learn to let go of outcomes… and maybe enjoy the process more?

Perhaps you’re learning consistency, because that’s a key part of blogging, else you can’t really call yourself a Blogger.

Perhaps you’re learning patience. You can’t make it without patience on Medium or in life. I mean, you can… but what sort of anxiety-filled life is that?

Mostly importantly, perhaps you needed to see what it’s like to have an itching, an idea, work to bring it to life, and then see the finished product.

I know writing isn’t creating the new Facebook or Crockpot. I hate Crockpots now by the way. If you’re caught up on the NBC Show, This is Us, you know why.

But by deciding to become a Medium Blogger, following through with it and posting as consistently as you can, that’s the “execution of an idea.” Every time you follow through on an idea and execute it, regardless of the outcome, you’ve overcome the potential for future regret.

It feels fantastic.

Now, if you’re able to apply that to other aspects of your life, all of a sudden, you’re creating more, often. You’ve gotten the taste of the birth of an idea.


Who knows where that will lead you?

Story: I grew up in Nigeria. Over there in my home country, I don’t think it’ll be unfair to say that we’re the most impatient group of people you’ll ever meet.

People get shot in the United States for honking — road rage. Back home, people honk and curse at you if you’re not going as fast or driving as properly as they think you ought.

Just imagine honking and wild gesturing at the slightest of things.

Having been impatient with the rest of them over a period of 17 years, living in America now, I’m the most patient person you’ll meet. The things ordinary Americans get anxious over, I whistle through in delight.

Nigeria made me that way! That experience was necessary for me to become to who I’m today.

Traffic? What traffic?!

I’m that annoying guy who lets four cars merge into the lane in front of me, to the hair pulling annoyance of the person(s) behind me. I couldn’t be bothered with things like that now. I learned patience from years of being impatient.

You’ll learn something pivotal too from writing.

So, relax. It’s alright. Everything is happening as it should.

Not everyone has to gain critical acclaim and amass a huge following too.

Notice the too?

Because as a writer on Medium you’re getting everything else I just mentioned above.

Plus an entry into a draw to perhaps gain a shit ton of followers, if your stars align. This is the bonus part, so don’t get hung up on it.

Either way, you’re getting a lot from this experience. Cherish it, enjoy the process and remember… always remember:

It is not a “do or die affair.”

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