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Convert FOMO to COMO

We have all been there, felt it and some of us are in the middle of it when reading this right at this moment. Everybody feels the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), every single hour of the day, if not every minute, which is slightly overkill might I add.

“anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media”
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The above is not only true to social media as an evidence, but even to the rudimentary hallway conversations and gossips even though we might know the subject that relates to and it might of little interest to us. Human mind is complex, hence mindfulness is preached at all levels. The mind needs to be trained to absorb the mindfulness and become mature to the events happening around us and also in the virtual world — with the likes of Social media which is a good example. So this my proposal on how we can deal with it and pave way to control with some success.

I give you COMO — Control of Missing Out

As a fact, world is embroiled with petabytes of human and machine readable data (we train them!) but still every day we see the same information being chewed upon, sliced & diced and presented to us in various different ways, with lot of colors and themes applied to the canvas. This is what we all see and experience in our day today lives on Facebook, Twitter etc. Needless to mention, let’s leave Fake news out of this.

Can you imagine how many you have seen relevant advertisements to your liking, when you Google search, Youtube or even Facebook? It happens every day but you just don’t realise it. The moment you look for holiday destinations, hotel accommodation and flight bookings, the next thing you see is the modern bots in the background start to collate the info based on your activities and start building the advertisements targeted for you. They are designed to work at lightning speed and with high scalability.

Next day, you login and all of a sudden you starting to see those advertisements which are of course are of your likings and you are just thrilled! But you don’t realise that you are the source and trigger for those ads that are meant for you, but you don’t practically think through that or shame to acknowledge that we don’t even remember it in the first place.

Have you ever felt that you once you are onto something, for example, thinking about getting into the world of Crypto currencies or leasing a nice sports car and when you step out of your house or office or a shop, you practically start to see them wherever you go — see someone driving a nice sports car and bumping onto someone who motivates you to learn and get into investing and learning about Crypto currencies as the world is coming to a crawl with demand for miners, who are ready to lend you their book titled “Master Bitcoin”. Yes, I almost hear you saying — what goes around comes around! Perception people!

Rewind to the era before social media and its influence on our lives, we went about our day today chores and just kept at it. You know — “Work hard, Play hard”; we didn’t worry about anything that we might miss during our busy day, no matter if it is weekdays or weekends. It was our normal life to lead. Present era, this is now out of the window with all of us not wanting to miss any milestones in our lives, whether it be a friend’s party (even breakups) or getting concert tickets to your favourite artists or being up-to date with the current affairs. Oscar nominations and favourites anyone?

Agreed, we can’t bypass FOMO so easily but we can at least control it. First and foremost is to control your distractions and identifying those impediments and coming to terms with it, acknowledging and establish a process of changing the way you perform in your day today life, radically. Right, that is the hard bit and done out of the way; nearly half way there. This means, yes, you are indirectly saying “No” to a lot of things such as someone waiting to hear from you about something that is not so important for you to fit in your mornings when human minds are at peak in terms of productivity but leaving it for a later time when they are lazy and want only to binge upon the unwanted thoughts. You might thin that this is an interactive event and nothing to do with you just missing something but it is the thought you indulge upon yourself assuming you are going to miss something that the person is going to share with you.. Aha! makes sense. Again, goes the saying — there is a meaningful time for everything!

Finally, control it

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Bottom line, if something wants to reach you, it will find its way to reach you. If there is some news that should fall upon your ears, it will reach your ears. If someone wants a best chunk of your life time either for your purpose or theirs, it will be carved. If you have a life event that impacts you, your family or your well wishers, you will hear from the people matter to you. Remember, the earth doesn’t stop revolving if you miss a heart beat in the FOMO world.

Get rid of FOMO and achieve COMO!

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