Crawling Into The Twilight Zone

Being in my writing zone is like being on a boat that’s whirling right for a whirl pool. But, forgetting how to steer the boat, we end up swishing around in circles along its edge. I’m a lot like that in my zone. A wispy little nobody struggling to shave out all the meticulate garbage locked in my brain. Except its not garbage. My words spill out on the page but they don’t represent a massive gargling in my language or a hiccup in my thoughts. Just like the way the clouds float across the sky, my words tend to flow from my finger tips unexpectedly. Unguided but made.

The writing zone is not the twilight zone contrary to many beliefs out there. A zone of any form is a focus so deeply narrowed on the subject that your surroundings begin to disappear behind your eyes. All you see is what you are producing or doing. There are many types of zones. Each zone brings forth results in the user. We see athletes, workers, artists, gamers, and businessmen dive into said zone when they are getting “into the subject.”

I call the zone a person’s best friend. If you can’t get in the zone you won’t ever step into the real lime light. It’s like the second before you take your enemy’s pawn in chess. Tensions rise and as you snag it you can’t stop getting serious about the game. Taking a second to break would destroy your serene focus like glass shattering on the ground.

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” 
Frank Herbert

What the zone does for us.

When you are in the “zone” you are likely to produce more valuable material in a short amount of time. It’s like the short cut to those lengthened math questions that no one wanted to do by hand. I call it the quick hand of passion. Our zone tells us what we are passionate about, like how our boredom tells us the amount of attention span we can hold for an hour.

Our zone can last as long as six hours. Yes. Completely six hours at max. Interestingly enough it is hard to keep a lengthened time in the zone but at max with a burst of energy we can remain in our zone for six hours at most. Inside the zone we are immune to outward stress which devises a free reign to our work whatever it may be. There is a reason why Olympians, artists, and musicians fall into more often than your average day to day worker.

They grind. But they grind with a flaring passion that ignites a stirring need to get what it is they are doing done. It’s a grind that every employer should seek to evoke into their own employees. There is a reason why everyone works. Simplicity knows best. The answer is money. Short. To the point. Money. Greens are the route to evil says many. But I think the evil is done by the human being holding the greens. But that’s just my perspective.

Beyond our magical greens to keep breathing and feeling like a human being we all have other motivations for working at certain jobs. If the employer wants a faithful employee they need to treat the employees equally, disregard favoritism, and learn of the strengths with the weaknesses that each person carries. Certain people will begin to show signs when their motivation equals satisfaction and humbly stumble into passion.

It’s when satisfaction, passion, and motivation greet one another with a kiss that we uncover a result from our zone. A gain. An energized void within us when the zone is done with us. An employer might see it right after a busy day when his employees wind down and there are the ones who seemed to effortlessly shift from doing work to looking like they will fall asleep. Writers hit this same zone when they realize that an entire chapter was written in less then twenty minutes. Some of us can produce a book in a day if we could be in the zone for twelve hours but sadly we can’t.

“Dance above the surface of the world. Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by opinion.” 
Red Haircrow

How I step into the zone is a lot like falling down the rabbit hole

Naturally, I am inclined to fall into the zone because my focus ends up primarily on whatever I am doing. Gaming, reading, even writing this post or working all demand my profound attention because any less is allowing my ability to grow to waste away. You can’t evolve by only giving it half of a shot. You need to push your all into everything you do or else you will fail at your passion. But heed my words — the zone is as draining as a night out partying. I just don’t know a way to avoid it myself. I just leap down that rabbit hole and let magic go.

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