Day1 at Andela Bootcamp: The Big Day is Here!

It was a sunny Monday morning at the Kenya’s capital. I boarded a bus from the Central Business District and alighted at the Kilimani area and headed for Kindaruma road. After a few minutes of walking leisurely, I landed at the Andela’s main gate. I managed a smile when I thought of the many applicants that Andela had sliced out through their selective recruitment process in order to get to me. I was lucky!

The compound was immaculate and the grass green with cars neatly parked in the lot. I was one of a handful of applicants who were fortunate to get offer letters to participate in the bootcamp. A few minutes after settling in our training hall, a smartly courteous young man led us outside. He must have been an Andela Fellow. It was a refreshing way to start the day. I never anticipated that.

The day turned to be busy as i had expected but I managed to keep up with the fast-paced learning. I volunteered to teach on a topic in Python programming language. Everyone present was pleased with my presentation. Coding had never been that fun. I took the challenge of forming a completely new algorithm which i gladly shared with a colleague.

I used my lunch time to hang out with other Andela Fellows as I was curious to learn about their experience.

The afternoon session was challenging but suited my interest. I had missed coding! The day slowly ended and my colleagues left the training hall at their own pleasure. I stayed until late night solving some Python algorithms over the web.

How I feel about Andela?

Well, my day’s conclusion would have Andela as a mediocre-free zone! The Fellows were seriously engaging in software development, individually and in teams, spent time to learn from one another during their lunch break. They were approachable and friendly. Sports is a way to keep the fellows physically fit and mentally alert. Andela is my dream Harvard!