Defining Success: What is it?

I’m trying to come to terms with this modern time and age. Where success has come to be defined and affirmed by numbers, rather than the heart of itself.

I think about this more and more as I work with artists and well, creators of any work. When we talk about ideas, projects and personal stories, how many times do we say “What’s the point?” or “Nobody will care.”

Well. What is the point? What if no one cares?

What is your point? What is the measure of that point? Does this point have an expiration date? An age limit? Is there just one point? And who gets to decide?

What if no one cares? Who needs to care? And why? Does it include you, truly? Or is it everyone else? Just him? Just her? Or an ocean of strangers? How many strangers? How big of an ocean? Can it be a pond?

Would you create, do, make, if no one cared, because the point was the point? Or is the point that people will care? Or will people care, because there’s a point?

I’m asking you… Why.

For you everything you should do, everything you must. Why should you? Why must you?

For everything you shouldn’t do, everything you can’t. Why not? Why can’t you?

The Greek described success as a journey to a prosperous, whole existence, and unfolding of the self, the soul. Success as an exploration, a verb. Not a thing or person, not a number.

Photos ©2017 Gina Yu

So what is success to you? And how’s that going?

Feeling successful?

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