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Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!

Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

I cannot stress enough how important Feedback is for any writer.

Feedback on any written piece is key to honing the craft of writing and becoming a better writer. Yet, one has to be careful on the kind of feedback they seek or receive.

Feedback is important

One could ask the people closest to them for feedback. However, the chances are that the feedback you get back will be unhelpful in helping you better your piece (and ultimately, your craft).


That’s because the people closest to us are more often than not the ones to say ‘I like it, I can’t find any fault in this amazing piece’.

Yet the truth is that their feedback is redundant. It does nothing but offer one comfort and ease instead of actually helping one to improve their piece.

As with most cases, the people closest to you fear hurting you. They fear being the cause of your lost passions and dreams that they praise you without saying their true feelings.

They want you to feel good about yourself.

They want to be the ones to make you feel good. They want to be the ones you look at and think ‘this is the person that always believed in me’.

Yet, they do not realise that they are doing you more harm than good. They are hindering you from improving and becoming better.

In short: Don’t ask those that fear to hurt your feelings. It’s useless to do so. Harmful to your writing, even.

Instead, look for someone who you know will be honest and tell you to your face if your work sucks. It could be a brutally honest friend, or even a writer from a writers group.

Ask people that won’t hesitate to help you out.

Allow them to take a look at your piece and listen to what they liked and what they think can be done better. Allow them to give their input about how your piece was structured and if any part of your piece clashes with another.

And, I implore you not to brush off their advice, thinking that they ‘don’t know what they’re talking about’.

They know what they like and they definitely know what they don’t.

They definitely know what they are talking about.

Of course, do digest feedback with care. If they are simply saying that they dislike the message of your piece or that you are a ‘horrible writer and should stop writing’, then ignore them please.

I hope you enjoyed this piece!

Helping each other write better.