Beware of the Half-Written

A few thought unsatisfaction and undecisiveness

I had more than a week to write a story for the challenge.

And I did.

Around 4 stories.

I didn’t lack idea. In fact, I had many ideas.

At first, I thought writing down every idea and story would help me. If they are already written I can just come back to them whenever I want.

Yes. But it ended up being harder than I first thought.

One, because they were half-written. The idea wasn’t fully developed.

Second, because it lacks the emotional attachment I had when wrote it. I wasn’t in the same train of thought and mood — so what I wanted to say then doesn’t necessarily correspond to what I want to say now.

Getting back to it was anxiety driven. No title, no word written were good enough for me. It dismissed everything. Going back and forth, story to story, asking myself which one I’m going to settle on and freaking complete.My mind went to unmeasurable length to avoid rewriting those stories.

I choose this one. Read it again… oh ok, that’s bad. Start rewriting everything and I still end up unsatisfied”

“It’s not long enough!”

“It’s not poetic enough!

“Look like you write a 5 years old!”

What I should have done is to write the whole story when the idea emerged from my mind. Not half-ass story. Not a combination of paragraph and sentence. The complete packages. A complete drafted story.

Because coming back to a story that you’ve written in a specific mood and state of mind, is painful hard. Chances are it all disappeared. Chances are you’ll rewrite the whole thing anyway.

I’m not advocating not writing, but instead, if you have a story in mind, complete the first draft immediately (if you have the time for it) so that the only thing left is editing.

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