How I’m Achieving Over 90 Days of Positivity

Be free of external assumptions and expectations. Be unapologetic about yourself so long as you come from a place of love.

For almost a year, I’ve battled a depression that frequently filled my thoughts with negativity. Every time I wasn’t successful at a job interview and every time something wrong happens, every negative feeling-be it frustration or disappointment-would unusually amplify. Just looking back at it now, it wasn’t pleasant at all. However, with the current state I’m currently in, I can proudly say that I’ve learned a lot from those moments. While I do want to touch on how I see it now on this post, I’m going to focus on how I manage to stay positive and happy for the over 90 days. That’s right! I’ve been positive and happy for over 90 days. And here’s the secret, there is none! It’s a matter of being able to listen, self-aware and patience followed by a choice. And that choice is to respond in a positive way.

There are many things in life that we do not react well to such as when someone enters your personal bubble, swears at you or somehow makes you feel worthless. You may have heard this numerous times from CEOs, world-reknowned leaders, and/or someone on your podcast, but here it is! Anybody can tell you anything good or bad. Nobody has control over the things that happens outside. In a situation where you’re “forced” to listen. Listen with the intent to first understand. Then respond out of positivity because..

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

I believe in this quote, because whether you believe it or not, it’s true. Just cause someone tells us we’re incapable or anything bad, doesn’t mean we are! We mustn’t let anybody or anything define us. Cause I sure as hell don’t! When we are positive about what we know about ourselves, we don’t have to accept everything people say. Personally, I take action out of love. I focus on giving significantly more than taking, because it makes me happy giving out of love and care. When I am focus on these, I know I’m not coming out cruel. And that’s absolutely important!

If you had to choose how to react whether that’s good or bad, choose good. No matter what the result maybe, at least you did your best to be good and that’s more important than the result! The world will constantly tell you otherwise, but don’t let that happen.

The world is divided between the first, second, and third world; where the first world is considered developed while the others are not. The first world country consists of advanced technology while the others do not. There are many disadvantages that the second and third world have in comparison to the first world. So let me break it down to a minimum for you:

The second and third world countries have minimal support from their government, high poverty rate, poor access to affordable higher education, low employment rate, and many more while still lagging behind in science and technology. However upon immigrating and assimilating to the first world, I’ve learned something surprising. Would you care to guess what it is?

The second and third world communities significantly oust the first world when it comes to strategically working with just about nothing to make things happen. They’re minimalists. They don’t need technology to be happy. (Of course it would help to prevent diseases and such, but nevertheless.). They are very appreciative of who and what they have. They are grateful for what they have. Being grateful is a way of appreciating who and what you have that made/makes you the way you are now. When you come across this question-how would you be like as a person if certain events in your life never happened?-your answer would most likely be, “I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for the people and events that happened in my life. “

I understand who I am as a person. Part of my creed is about giving out of love and care. When I follow that, regardless of what bad things are said about me, I know I can be happy. Sometimes people will tell you what you don’t want to hear, but that’s okay! Know that a lot of the times, it’s because that it may be the only way they know and are just trying to be helpful. I’m fully self-aware of who I am and what I do. I am conscious of my mistakes, but I don’t choose to drown in the thoughts of them. When I make mistakes, I immediately look for ways to prevent it. In life, it’s either I win or I learn. It’s how I take in life 10% of the time and respond 90% of the time. It’s my attitude and the willingness to be genuinely unapologetic of who I am as a person. If it weren’t for the people and events in my life, I wouldn’t be who I am. I am eternally grateful and optimistic.