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How Important are Collaborations?

What the Editors of The Writing Cooperative Think

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Sand: I have very little experience in creative collaborations. In fact, The Writing Cooperative is my first long term collaboration. There’s no way we would be close to where we are without all 4 of us. But I also run a business by myself and I enjoy the ability to make decisions quickly. I think collaboration is much more important in the distribution rather than in the creation of content.

Jessica: I love collaborations, but they can be time-consuming and require compromise, which isn’t easy when your artistic vision is involved. Seeking out a collaboration can be daunting and you will likely face rejection. It is easier and often more successful to ask someone you already have a connection with. I recommend joining a writers group if you are nervous about asking around.

Stella: For me, collaborations are important for forcing me to think or work outside of my comfort zone. I personally think I work most efficiently independently, but it’s easy to fall into creative ruts that way. Collaboration provides opportunity to bounce around ideas and get important feedback that you can only get from a group environment.

Justin: In my work life, collaboration is vitally important. In fact, as I write this I just came out of an eight-person meeting to collaborate and write curriculum. Hearing each other’s ideas spark new ideas and ultimately help create the best possible product. The same is true of personal writing, although I don’t employ it as often as maybe I should.

52-Week Writing Challenge Questions

Have you been a part of a collaboration? What was your experience?

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