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How To Develop a World of Your Own

Make an Earth 101

creating a world for your characters to breath in is very hard. Some can be to tacky, others to realistic. We only see the greatest fairytale lands and dystopian worlds of ember and ash. However, designing a world can be not to hard if you go through an easy process.

Our Criteria

As a kid growing up in the age of Harry Potter, I was obsessed with writing. I wrote alternate universe timelines into existence and played with characters I only wish I new. While I may not recommend you read my fan-fiction, I did find a criteria for creating a world for your characters. Because of this, we will be separating this piece into multiple categories. We will create one for fantasy, dystopian, and real world scenarios. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Step 1: Create Your Characters


Taking a step away from most writer’s advice, I recommend creating your characters before you create a world. Real, alive characters that exist in your fantasy world are more important than your actual new earth at the moment. Create a story line, and build your story around those points that you put on your brain map. When all is said and done, a world that revolves around your characters will feel and read like a fantasy world.

Real World

Going the opposite of creating fantasy worlds, creating a real world is not very hard. If going back in historical fiction, I would recommend going to where the story is taking place and doing a case study. However, I would recommend that you tread carefully on a real world story, as focusing to much on the surroundings can cause many problems for the characters. The characters are built around the world instead.


Writing a dystopian world into existence isn’t to hard; think about everything bad in your story and apply it to the world! For this type of world creation, I again would recommend creating the characters first, and then the world to rather fit all of the problems your character has.

Step 2: Think Like a Child


If you want a great story, you think like a child. You create your worlds from bottom up. Imagine if you would live in that world, what would you do. As some readers may know, many of the greatest writers of our age actually lived (figuratively) in the worlds they created. They thought as though the world that they had worked so hard on was actually where they needed to be.

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Real World

Thinking like a child applies to every world creation piece you write. Even though the real world has already been created for you, seven continents of culture still can expose a world where only a child could dream. Like above, imagine as if this world was where you lived, what you would do in this world, and just how this world fits in with your story.


Dystopian world also have a bit of dreaminess that can be applied. Even though these worlds are usually very specific, again, you must imagine you live in this world. All the up moments, down moments, and scary moments of this world you are creating must be thought out and designed to the perfect story. Like those above this, you also must life figuratively in that world while you are creating it.

Step 3: Create a Backstory

Fantasy And Dystopian

Have you ever seen that in the Lord of the Rings series, a whole backstory exists in the world? Or in the Inheritance Cycle, how every tree and land has a story that explains why it is that way? This is creating a backstory.

Backstory is almost essential to an impressive world. A land without a history is therefore no land at all! To create a backstory, think of everything that even effects the outermost characters of your story and create almost a net of the different things on the list. A history of your world will build from this.

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Real World

Creating a backstory for a real world isn’t very hard; You just need to grab history from the earth itself. Whether it is from the civil war or The Great War, you already have history made for you.

Step 4: Admire Your Work!!!

Seriously! You just created an awesome world where you can now build an awesome story that you know everyone will love. Remember these four steps and in the end, you will create something you can be proud of. These steps work for everything from a novel to a 3 page story, and in my opinion, can be applied to almost any type of writing. Good luck!

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