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How Using A Planner Can Help Boost Your Writing Goals

My two beloved Planners

We all lead busy lives and it doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer or a career-driven person running a billionaire dollar company. Life is always better when you know what you’re doing and that’s where the trusty planner comes in.

Not everyone likes planners. They’ll buy one and forget to use it. That sounds like much like something I would do. However, I have come to realise, having a planner is something that can help organise my life. In this article, be prepared to be wowed by how I use my planners and how you, the reader of this article, can benefit from using a planner to boost your writing goals.

My Two Planners

As a writer, knowing when you are assigned deadline, regardless if they’re self- assigned or assigned by your boss is often key to keeping yourself organised. I have two planners that I use.

One is my beloved Kikki-K felt planner. I just have to remember to use it. I bought at a discounted price in 2016 and was going to use it in 2017. I wrote in it about five months in and neglected it. I’m learning from that mistake in 2018. I love the divided sections where I can jot down ideas, my to do list, project details, information taken from meetings and what not. It even has a section for planning out my week, which is the section I should be using instead of neglecting it.

My second planner is a year planner, I bought from Typo late in 2017. The planner I chose caught my eye because of the quote that was written on the front:

Follow Your Daydream

The reason I loved this quote was because I have a massive dream. I want to write screenplays for Hollywood. I already have a screenplay in the early stages that comes from an idea I started writing last year for a month long screenwriting project.

I restricted myself from using it before the new year because I had nothing to put in it until then. The reason I brought it was to keep track of my writing projects. So far, I have given myself a deadline of midday on the 8th January to clear my Scrivener article queue, so I can begin to write new content for the Medium website. Yes, I think it’s clear by now, I’m doing the job I love on the website I have come to love.

Reusable Or Disposal?

Let’s get down to business. A simple question would be, ‘do I use a reusable planner or one I just throw out at the end of the year?’ Great question. It doesn’t matter, either way. I wanted to challenge myself this year, so I thought I would use both to see which is better.

I love my Kikki-K planner because of how efficient it is. I can take the pages out whenever I want and I can customise it to my liking. With a reusable planner like the one I have, it came in two sizes: medium and large. I bought the medium size because I wanted it to fit into my bag and I can take it virtually anywhere. However, if you think the large is your style, go for it. It does the same as the medium, it’s just got more space. Also, a reusable planner won’t fit in a standard laptop bag without causing a few issues. With mine, I won’t allow for it to anywhere near my laptop bag because I know I’d never get it to fit without it bulging out and annoying me.

With the disposal planner, I can jot down when I want to complete my projects. Honestly, if you are just trying out the planner route, the yearly planner is the one to have. I can also fit the planner in my bag and take it with me. Also, unlike my reusable planner, I can slip it into my laptop bag without it taking up too much room.

How To Take Down Writing Goals

Moving onto the whole reason this article exists. Planners are great for writing down what your writing goals are. Here’s a look at my Follow Your Daydream Planner:

An inside and outside look at my Follow Your Daydream yearly planner

See what I’ve done? I’ve written down when I want to complete various writing tasks. In the page in the photo above, you can see I have written down when I want to complete my Scrivener articles. By doing this, it allows me time to get points together so I can complete the task in time.

There is no right or wrong way to go about taking down your writing goals. You can choose to add a splash of colour or adorable stickers. The choice is entirely yours.

Taking It Up a Notch And Colour Me Impressed

By personalising your planner and your goals, it allows for inspiration to run rampart. Add colour, stickers, highlighter and whatever else you want to add personality to your goals. It will encourage you to follow your goals better and to help in stopping you from neglecting or forgetting your tasks.

For 2018, I wanted to spruce up my Kikki-K planner so I bought the coloured planner pages. These are a massive step up to what I had last year when I bought the plain ones. I think that was the whole reason I didn’t end up using my planner much.

I also bought gold stickers to make my planners look pretty. I like making my books presentable. Using a splash of colour when adding photos to social media will make your posts look more presentable and catch the eye of more people.


When comes to what you should write in your planner with, there is no rule of what you should and shouldn’t write with. A number of planner users use a simple pencil to pencil in their appointments, notes and whatnot. Others, like me, use a pen. I’m a little bias and love using a fancy black pen. Not too sure why.

You don’t have to go the traditional route and use a black pen or pencil. You can write in whatever colour you want. After all, it is your planner and no one else’s. You also don’t need a massive horde of stationary to make your planner look great. Just use what you have your disposal.

Boosting Writing Productivity Using Your Planner

Using a planner is perfect for keeping your writing tasks on track and to ensure they get done. Even having your planner open on your desk or in front of you as you write. Having your planner open, does need to come into practice as it is easy to forget to open it.

Be sure to add a deadline for each of your tasks. It helps in motivating you into completing your tasks before you start any other tasks you might have lined up or want to write about.


Having a planner is the perfect way to remain productive and to ensure your, though it is also essential that the planner remains with you at all times. While it might seem tedious at first, plotting what you’re going to do next will help you become a more productive human being.