Is Your Verbal Check Worth Cashing?

Words are life and health to those who find them. Weigh them before you say them.

Words are the most powerful force in the Universe. Words are credited, by some, for the very creation of the planets and stars. Words move people. Words create vision, set expectation, fuel momentum, and solidify identity. Words are life and health to those who find them.

One word can change a mindset. With a new mindset, one can change his or her life and posterity for all eternity. Words create culture, they carry on tradition, they set new precedents. A greener planet, a more caring world, a legacy — all inspired by a word.

As you contemplate what words to share with your world today, weigh them before you say them. Make sure you have a verbal check that can be cashed and turned into value; value that will benefit a life other than your own.

Don’t speak for the sake of speaking. Don’t write for the sake of writing or meeting deadlines. Speak or write because you have something valuable to say. And let what you say be only the tip of the iceberg of all that you know. When one discovers your words, let them discover the magic that changes their life forever.

You are the magician behind the magic of words. Give your words an assignment. Release them with the expectation. If your words don’t move you, it’s unlikely they will move anyone else.

Tear up your script. Go back to the drawing board. Keep stirring and brewing your message until it’s sweet savor is undeniably ready for public consumption. And then give your words an assignment, and release your message with purpose.

Give your readers more than they expect. Let your words arrest their attention, free their soul, and light their way.

Your words are life and health to those who find them. Weigh them before you say them.

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