Last Call

Eclipse tomorrow. Enjoy basking in those August rays. While you still can.

Sun in the grass, Gaffney SC. Coincidentally, this spot is right in the path of The Great Eclipse. It’s also near a good outlet mall © 2017 Amberwood Media.

Cant help feeling like a tourist, but I suppose the eclipse tomorrow is a pretty big deal. My special viewing glasses arrived just in time. Here in Charlotte we get 98% without leaving the back patio. The schoolboy in me is dying to take one little peek. Luckily, my wife knows me well and bought me some protection. Can’t help wondering how many of us tourist types will try to sneak that peek and pay the piper. Just seems inevitable people are going to look.

Am I that cynical in my old age? Or just realistic?

Of course with all the distraction, this week is a wash on major Medium posts, but there’s lots of news in my pipeline:

  • I’ve started my next book !! I’m well into chapter one, and couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be posting some core ideas and outtakes in the months ahead.
  • In support of the book, Scrivener is loaded on my PC and I’ll be doing that Tools Review I’d promised. Need to navigate weather I look at Ulysses. Hate to shell out another $50 just for r&d.
  • My piece on Japanese design aesthetics is still ahead, offering a great deal of insight re: Minimalism in our thinking and writing.
  • Also in support of the book, stay tuned for Redemption, the follow-up to my Seven Sins post. At the advice of a reader, I’ve been devouring Steven Pinker’s advice for putting verbosity on a diet, and I plan to share.
  • I’m hosting a Twitter chat, hashtag #smchat, on Weds 8/23, 1–2pm ET about Medium. Care to join us?
  • I’m hosting another #smchat Weds 9/13 at the same hour, on the topic of #bookmarketing, with a couple of in-the-know guests. Bring your questions and answers.

Lots in the queue. I’d better get on it. I guess there are worse problems to have — like forgetting to bring my eclipse glasses to work tomorrow. Tying a string on my finger, as we speak.

Don’t look up without special glasses.

My conscience is clearer now.

This is my Writing Cooperative entry 34. Find me on Twitter and Instagram, and definitely here on Medium. I love this place.

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