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I need to stop forcing, start breathing. Let it happen. Life. As it is. Love, as we imagine it to be. Y eso es.

I see friends, family.


Let it happen. Life. Y eso es.

Lunch. Salad, quinoa, humus, honey, figs, feta cheese. Familiar talks. Oslo, Copenhagen, Brazil. Where do we go next? We fly off.

When do we commit?

Do I commit to my Self or to you?

Let’s try to do both.

Y eso es.

Love, y namaste.

Note to self - everyone means well.

Everyone wants to help you. If only you’re clear about your purpose, your path. All is well.

If you want yoga, you get yoga. If you want art, there will be art. There is enough for everyone. You do not need to force, rush, overdo it.

Just be patient, clear and calm.

Your way will come.

Serve, but do not forget your Self. You must eat a part of the cake too. If not, you’ll get poor and heart-broken and fail altogether. We need you to be strong and successful so you can serve others.

Y eso es.

Another note - do not talk to your mom. Let it be. You’re not meant to be friends. You’re family, but that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Nada más, nada menos.

Y eso es.

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