My best posts are the ones I’m reluctant to publish.


I don’t know if it gets better with time, but I hesitate to publish certain things on Medium. It’s easy to write of course, but after that, I tend to mull over publishing or not publishing.

Ultimately, “not publishing” wins. It always does, and I leave in it my drafts for a while.

But then on a very courageous day, I hit “publish” and people love it. They clap, respond, and all is merry.

So why do I still feel tentative about sharing certain information?

It’s often the question, “Why the **** would anyone even care about this?”

Like when I recently wrote about “not asking people to clap for my posts anymore”, it took me a week after writing to actually share it.

Yes, my feelings were valid, but I asked myself why anybody would care about this, and it wasn’t until a week later that I settled on an answer.

“I don’t know. I’ll share it regardless”, I thought.

On some days, I have some answers. On others, I’m just as clueless, tentative and doubtful as the next guy.

So to every other writer on the Cooperative, does it this get better with time? Do I get to a point where I’m writing and sharing with minimal hesitation?

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