The Ultimate Goal of Writing

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My writing is useless unless you use it…

The ultimate goal of written words is to drive people into action. The constitution was written to protect the rights of the citizens. Implementing laws are written so citizens can follow them. Manual instructions are written so you can make a gadget work. The curriculum is written for students to be educated. Road signs are written so you can drive better. Recipes are written so you can cook well. The Bible is written so you can practice your faith.

My ultimate goal for writing is for you to take action.

“The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.” 
Albert Camus

I don’t have a big readership; less than 50 here on Medium and a few good friends in Facebook. But I’m privileged to know that I’m inspiring some of you. I thank you for that. But unless I drive any of you to action, my writing is useless. If a million people read my post, but no one has done something about it, I failed as a writer. Even if only ONE has read my post, and acted on it, then I have succeeded.

If you read 7 Productivity Tips for Moms with Young Kids, but you still remain unproductive, my writing is useless.

If you read 5 Benefits of Voracious Learning, but you refuse to learn voraciously, my writing is useless.

If you read 7 Signs Online Freelancing is not for you, but you still didn’t start your freelancing journey, my writing is useless.

If you read 3 Ways Successful People Deal With Pain, but you don’t allow pain to make you better, my writing is useless.

If you read Doing this will make you reach your goals 23% faster, but you don’t keep your eyes on the prize, my writing is useless.

If you read Let’s stop telling our kids to get it fast and right, but you don’t learn to enjoy motherhood, my writing is useless.

If you read 5 Reasons Why My Nursing Degree is not in Vain, but you’re still applying to a job you don’t like, my writing is useless.

If you read Stop Comparing Yourself to Others, It’s Killing You, but you’re still comparing yourself to others, my writing is useless.

If you read Rethinking the Filipino Pride, but you refuse to work on your flaws as a Filipino, my writing is useless.

If you read The Impact of Parenting to Filipino Poverty, but you refuse to acknowledge the influence of parenting and poverty to our nation’s progress, my writing is useless.

Written words are beautiful. Written words are powerful. But unless you take action, they’ll remain to be, just words.

My writing is useless, unless you do something about it.


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