NaNoWriMo is Easy — Except When It’s Hard

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) begins today. Hundreds of thousands of us around the world have committed ourselves to writing 50,000 word novels by the end of November 30.

No big deal, right? How hard can it be to blither words onto the page?

It depends.

NaNoWriMo is more about resistance to writing a novel than it is writing a novel. Anyone, anywhere, attempting this challenge can erupt the commitments real or imagined, the daunting odds, the fact they have never written a novel, the fact …

The list is endless and personal. It has nothing to do with why you do or do not succeed in reaching your goal.Your reasons, perfectly rational and logical and entirely correct, are marvelous veers away from accomplishing what you set off to do. Many times, you’ll get others to agree with you that it was stupid, a colossal waste of time, and wonder aloud who these lunatics are who came up with this thing, who the crazies are who participate every year.

It’s you against your resistance. Your resistance stands between the person you have always been and the person that you will be when you have completed this challenge. Who knows who you’ll be, what you’ll be capable of doing, what comes next?

What comes next is the core fear of your resistance. You will be a different person at the end of your NaNoWriMo challenge, whether you complete the 50,000 words at the deadline, soar to 200,000 words in furious frenzied writing, or put down the challenge at 3,247 words.

You will be a different person because you took on a challenge not knowing how it would turn out.

This is how the very best things in life are realized.

You take something on with no idea of how it’s going to turn out. You commit yourself, go all in, and see what happens.What happens when you ask someone out on a date, move, apply for a new job, graduate, tell a loved one your innermost fears, dreams, and desires?

You don’t know until you commit and do it.

I already know that my NaNoWriMo adventure will be a rollicking one. Quotes are gathered, movies queued for viewing (research-ish), and tea is stocked. I love my story premise and my characters; we’ve approached one another earlier in the year and while we didn’t get much of anywhere at the time, we did enjoy one another immensely.

I’ve decided — for today — to honor my morning pages and 1,000 word essay commitments. That’s just for today; anything can happen as I go along.

When I looked back at my title for my morning essay, I laughed. Cool and together me typed: “What It Be the End of the World?” instead of “Would It Be the End of the World”?

Thank all that is good that I sent my Editor out for coffee this morning. She went to Minnesota or Colorado or somewhere really far so I can get some serious drafting done — and laugh at what blithers out.

If you’re in, go all the way in. Commit — and enjoy the ride.

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