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Take The Elevator

To Level Up Your Writing

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Opening your eyes everyday from the sleep is an amazing feat. You have no guarantee that you will wake up for a new morning — yet hope keeps you sane. Perhaps you don’t even think about the chance that you might die in your sleep.

But somehow when asked to follow a routine for change, take a leap of faith or have believe in yourself — our minds starts to rethink. As if you are unsure whether you can pull it off. Or whether it will all be worth it.

Self doubt is the biggest hurdle in any endeavour.


Imagine you need to walk the steps of a 20 storey building. You need to reach there — and do the work that matters to you.

Taking steps is slow, tiresome and guaranteed to make you succeed. But sometimes you need to accelerate things. And taking elevator is fine.

Indeed it is encouraged. But you can’t take faulty elevators because it poses quite a risk. So before you leap and take the elevator — trust is necessary.

Although it is a faster way to reach the top — your input is still of prime importance. You still have to do your work at the top floor. Only then it can make a significant impact.

Enter writing:

It is easy to get lost in the wonders of your own writing. The magic it creates and the virality it brings in.


You realize your writing has became stale and perhaps it is not connecting or you have stopped paying attention to its lameness.

The key to become a good writer is practice and taking lessons from masters.

I believe that you might be practicing regularly. However the next level upgrade comes from becoming a student.

The best thing is — it is an accelerator. Any kind of writing coaching takes you to the next level faster. Of course, the work still needs to be done. But on the good side, you are not lost in finding the next steps.


Learning is an underrated weapon. So keep yourself enrolled in some thing or other where your skills are being challenged, pushed and teared apart. That’s the only way to grow faster.

Although reading any kind of article will help you analyze the format and the flow. Here are 3 books I recommend for good writing inspiration.

  1. Alchemist: This book is a fiction and takes you on a journey. Apart from being a good read for travellers, the writing is amazing. You can learn how different scenarios connect, how the climax is written and how everything comes full circle.
  2. Sherlock Holmes: The detective fiction from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a legendary book. You get various short stories in which crime is solved by connecting the clues. And to add it shows you how to unravel the mystery and make your readers go wow with your written words. In short — how to give soul to your words.
  3. Anne Frank: This diary of a young girl shows how to share your fears, hopes and dreams. Which is the basic of a copywriting skill. Want to level up and hack your readers mind? Then hop on this book for a simple flow of stories which connect on many levels.

Even better if you can join a coaching program to become better in writing.

Here are some resources for copywriting in alphabetical order: Copyblogger, Copyhackers, Goinswriter, Growthlab, Kissmetrics & Smartblogger.

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