The Simplest Way To Find Ideas

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

You don’t have to come up with remarkable, in-depth and ground shattering ideas everyday. All you need is to expand and share your viewpoints. Do that and you will have many articles to write upon.

From the recent election, the unexpected fall of a company to the crypto-currency fall. Everything around you — what you read can become a gateway to the new content. For example, if you are feeling down with no ideas to write. Start reading. And soon you will find an article with which you share a common theme. For example, after reading the article about how real estate is a bad investment, I felt the need to share my findings and experience.

Initially I commented. But then the more I thought about it, the few pointers turned into an outline and then to a full blown article.

The objection you might have is — should you read your niche article. For example, if you are a health blogger then should you only read health related articles. The answer is a big NO.

I advise you mix up the articles topic you read. All you need to do is find your creative juices to flow and slowly you will find a theme which works and connects with your audience. Let me explain — you read an article about crypto market falling and its analysis. You can convert that material to a health related article — “Is Crypto Market Ruining Your Sleep, here is how to fix it?”

You can write about benefits of good sleep, how people go crazy trying to keep up with markets. And then suggest a crypto app which notifies and helps you avoid the constant checking.

So there you go. How else you do find quick ideas to write?

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