Running Out of Ideas?

How are you to maintain your creative work-ethic? I have been publishing 5 blog posts a week January and I never really worried about running out of ideas.

I am going to write about something that probably comes naturally to some and not to others. To those that are more reflective and self-aware this may seem as a no-brainer, even. Self-reflection is the most important factor when it comes to writing and being creative; you need to have something deep inside that you want to get out.

Here’s some of the things that my life consists of that contribute to the ability to publish often despite being in College full-time, working 30 hours a week, and travelling.

I read a lot.

Last year (2017), I read one book a week. I love reading when I am drinking coffee, commuting from work to school, & when I am watching a movie at home that I am actually not that interested in.

The more you read, the more interesting things you’ll have to write about. If you keep educating yourself a lot of that information will stick, especially if you write about it.

A lot of what my blog serves as is to be a “Collection of Thoughts” — literally. That is one of the biggest reasons I write.

I Get Bored

I get very bored if I don’t do something. That is actually why I started writing this blog post. I thought: oh hey, I have an idea for a blog post. Okay, let me think of a couple of reasons why I don’t have difficulty running out of ideas for blog posts.

And I wrote all my sub-headlines: I read a lot, I talk to a lot of interesting people, I experience bad things on a weekly basis, I keep myself very busy, I talk to new people everyday — which motivates me.

I Talk to a Lot of Interesting People.

The more fascinating people you surround yourself with everyday, the more interesting things you will have to reflect on.

This week, I have every day had at least one incredibly good conversation that has in some way changed aspects about me.

It also helps if you are constantly moving, which in my case I am very fortunate to have. I go to the cafe where I work, then I go to school, then I write and eat lunch, then I go to school again, then I go to the library — 6AM — 7 PM easily I am away from the house.

Because of this time being away from my house I have a lot of interesting conversations and I am very fortunate to have that.

I Experience Bad Things on a Weekly Basis.

There is something I have to overcome every week: stress, the unexpected, big disappointments, death in family, strife in relationships, discouragement from professors, etc.

All of us experience this — I am not alone. The difference for writers is that if you experience something bad, you will want to vent that frustration. You will want to write about it and learn from it.

Hopefully others will be able to learn from it as well — that is our aspiration.

We vent by this craft. There is something that we need to say and most often it comes from some sort of enlightenment that comes from the death of a friendship, or disappointment in work.

I Keep Myself Very Busy.

I don’t take time off very often from work. I am almost all year around at school and when I do take time off it is very intentional and always must include boarding a plane.

I love travelling. Since I moved to Canada I have visited Nelson, Vancouver, Osoyoos, Montreal, St. John, and Hallifax.

I am going to the States for the first time I am here this week. We’re going to go to San Francisco, LA, Oakland, Berkeley, and some other places in the area.

The more busy you are with work, relationships, your blog, the more things you will have to write about — the more things you will want to reflect on.

I Talk to New People Everyday, Which Motivates Me.

At school, you have to work in groups of people you don’t know. At work, you have to speak to customers and create small talk on the spot.

There are so many new different people that have very important stories that I want to know about. One of the most humbling things for me is the awareness that some of my best friends now I didn’t know 5 years ago.

That is why I talk to new people and try to be as friendly as possible.

My friends, it is always good to reflect on everything that is happening in your life. Keep it that way and keep writing — you must.

Before you go…

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