Scrape Me Off The Floor

Are you astounded by what you read?

My wife was reading something the other day that interrupted her whole day.

She read it to me.

It was not the most beautiful sentence I’d ever heard. Or by the most profound author.

But I love how my wife described it: “Just scrape me off the floor after that.”

What a great phrase.

She was floored by it.

Astounded. Convicted. Gratified.

Scrape me off the floor.

The sentence was from a Christian meditation book and it may not mean anything special for you. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t extremely truthful and powerful for my wife.

It Could Happen At Any Time

I love that about stories and words. That something someone wrote many centuries or decades or years or days or minutes ago can gestate and matriculate for the longest time and then hit a new audience in new and profound ways. Scrape me off the floor sentences.

The best part is we never know when they’re coming. They sneak up on us. We may not get it the first time. It could be totally mundane to someone else. But then they strike — and we’re floored. Sometimes they happen by chance, like when we’re perusing our own bookshelf and we crack open a book to the middle. Or a friend hands a copy and tells us that it’s a must-read. As we discover and learn from others as well as share our own experiences, the likelihood that we’ll discover great writing or a new truth increases exponentially. It’s one of the benefits of being an avid reader and learner.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then try more challenging stuff. Drop the genre stuff. Stop with all the business tips. Look a little deeper. Try something new. Open an old book that you once loved.

But after you’re done, you may need help getting off the floor.

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