“So, what do you write?”

This is such a tough one to answer! I write EVERYTHING.



Client blogs.

Client books.

Product descriptions.

Copy for websites.

Copy for ads.

Comic books.

But I cannot point to something they have heard of and say “Oh, I wrote that!”

Even if you did happen to know one of the clients I write for, most of my client work is ghostwritten. Meaning, they pay me upfront for my writing and then they can post it under their individual name or company name. They don’t owe me credit as the writer.

You wouldn’t recognize my book or know that I wrote a certain successful ad.

Nonetheless, I am a writer. I am a writer every day, even though I rarely do any personal writing anymore.

I continue to take on diverse and interesting projects and I still refuse to box myself into a niche or specialty in order to make it slightly easier to get clients. I love what I do and if I have to put in slightly more effort to do it, that’s fine.

Some days I don’t write much. Perhaps a Medium or juicy Facebook post. Some days I write a lot. 2 blogs for one client, an email campaign for another, editing 20 pages of a book for a third.

Some days I get so caught up in writing that I barely realize time has passed and it is suddenly the end of the day and I’ve spent the entire working and writing a passion project.

The life of a freelancer is equal parts exciting and boring. It’s like any job, there are parts you love and parts you don’t. There are busy days and boring days. I just don’t have a boss I can blame it on!

I am a writer. I have no problem proclaiming that. But the follow up questions can get murky!

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