The Best $5 I Ever Spent

The Miracle of Medium

Just over a year ago I decided to check out this community for writers called Medium.

My life will never be the same. I figured $5 for a month was no big deal and if I hated it I could cancel. Well, I loved it (and still do) and my life has improved beyond measure.

I went from being a wannabe writer with little discipline or focus to writing virtually every day. Some sites offer prompts via a photo or an item. I have especially grown from writing based on prompts. Medium made that possible.

The Writing Cooperative offered a 52 week writing challenge last year and I committed to putting something out there each week. I did it. I submitted 52 pieces of work. Some non fiction, some fiction and poetry. Some of it sucked, okay, a lot of it sucked, but I learned so much. Not only about writing, but myself, and the discipline it takes to grow as a writer and a human being.

When I say Medium I don’t just mean the clean interface with no ads. I mean the people. Especially the people.

I would venture there’s no other place on earth where so much collective brilliance exists. There’s so much to Medium one needs to pursue a niche as a writer and perhaps also as a reader. As a reader alone it’s a bargain. I have read numerous articles, poems, and fiction by brilliant creatives.

I’ve asked myself a few times what’s the most money I would pay to be a part of the this creative network called Medium? It’s hard to ascribe a monetary amount for the blessings I’ve received from this community as it’s priceless!

Like anything, Medium has an occasional frustration, but what doesn’t? Those are far outweighed by the experience of reading the work of poetic and prosaic geniuses like Jessica Jungton, Indira Reddy, S. Lynn Knight, Abby O. Akoto, E. Scott Alighieri, Zev, Emma Poe, Tre L. Loadholt, & Jack Preston King, to name a few. Or the publications, Lit Up, Chalkboard, The Weekly Knob, and The Writing Cooperative. So many writers and publications I could recommend and so little space.

Medium developed a paywall system I don’t understand. That’s okay. I never got into this to make money, nor have I made $ in any month that would buy more than a couple of grande lattes. Some write to grow a huge following, others (like me) just put their work out there and pick up 4 or 5 followers a week.

It’s been an awesome experience and one I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys reading and interacting with authors. Or perhaps you have a knack for writing. No matter what type of writing you pursue there’s an audience for your work. There’s a community within Medium waiting to read what’s on your heart, mind, your passions, interests, and desires. Check it out. I’m willing to bet you won’t regret it!

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