The Most Unexpected Costs of Being a Blogger

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Blogging as a source of earning extra income has been growing. In addition to this, several people make a living from blogging. Many people may think of it as merely starting a free blogging and sharing your thoughts, opinions, and insight, at no cost.

It is however not true. For you to make a substantial amount from your blog, you’ve got to spend on it. After all, you don’t expect to receive writing a conference summary services for free. You’ve got to pay to get the best returns and value for your money. And so does your blog.

If you want to venture into blogging or need to be serious about it, below are some costs you need to know about:


If you are just starting out, a basic computer will do. A laptop is handy since you need to be able to work on the move. You might consider getting one. For a hobbyist, you need to maximize functionality, efficiency, and flexibility.

It will require you to invest in a more powerful computer. A big screen is useful when previewing articles before you post them. You need a computer with a high processing power.

Domain Name and Web Hosting

It is a cost you cannot avoid. Well, unless you choose to create a free WordPress or Blogger site. Having a domain name gives you credibility and authority as a blogger. It is essential especially if you want to grow your following.

With the free sites, if it closes, you lose all your content. Web Hosting is considerably pocket-friendly. You can use one of the many service providers, e.g., GoDaddy. Affiliates respond readily to custom email addresses.

You may need to consider purchasing a package that offers the service, at a considerably higher price. A custom email address makes you more professional.

Email Services

You may not want to turn your blog into a business now, but you might with time. Having an email list will help you turn your followers into customers. Compared to other platforms, they provide a competitive conversion rate.

You could use MailChimp which offers free services for the first 2000 subscribers. It has exciting features for paid accounts. You can enjoy features such as automatic delivery and emails based on time zone.

Other services have monthly payments, e.g., iContact. The amount you pay for paid services will depend on the number of subscribers you have. It is an expense you will need to consider if you want to turn your blog into a business.

Website Design

To make money from your blog, you have to make it appear professional. For those who aren’t tech savvy, consider hiring a website designer to build your site. There pre-made and custom-made designs and themes.

The outlook of your website is the first impression that your visitors get of you. The same way you judge summarize story service providers, just by looking at their website, so, will your blog be judged.

For custom designs, you have to cough some money. You can use the cheaper themes for a while and customize it to be your own. A basic package for a custom design can even cost you four figures.

Camera & Equipment

If your blog requires quality photos, you will need to invest in a good camera. Your grainy photos from your phone, won’t cut it. You want your visitors to be drawn to the content and desire to come back to your site.

It applies mainly to those running a food or crafts blog. Decent photos will help your blog flourish. If you want to spice up your content with videos, it’s another extra cost in getting a separate microphone.

No one is going to keep listening or watching a video with poor sound quality. Also, consider a Photoshop Subscription for editing your photos.


WordPress offers numerous free plugins. In the early days of your blog, you will probably not spend much on it. However, to create an exclusive experience for your visitors, you will start paying for the services offered by your choice of a plugin.

ScheduleOnce is a useful plugin in helping you schedule meetings with interviewees, and clients, across different time zones. If you are having trouble scheduling social media posts, Buffer could be of help, i.e., its upgraded version.

As you blog gains traction, so do spam comment flood. With Akismet at $5 a month, you can say goodbye to spam comment flooding the comment section.


You don’t want to broadcast sensitive information about yourself, to the whole world. You will need to pay, to protect your privacy. Ensure that your name isn’t on the list of the WHOIS search or your domain. You will need to buy the right to that anonymity.


Blogging is an exciting experience for those who love to put their thoughts in writing. However, it isn’t a free venture. Just like any other business, you will need to invest your money to see some good returns.

The best things don’t come for free and so does online summary tool services.

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