Stick with the idea you once believed in.

The ups and downs of writing…..


Every art has its ups and downs and so has writing. It sometimes makes us feel on the top of the world and other times drop us on the ground.

When I started writing I didn’t know what ups and downs, I will have to face. I thought our ideas are like dance moves which will surely gonna come as soon as we put the plug on. But no, it was like the dance where sometimes we will have to suffer from over energy and other times the moves will not come so easily.

While doing this writing thing I have experienced the upper end of the ride as well as the lower. I think you all can relate to these ends of the ride.

There are times….

I want to write every thought going inside my mind. I just wanna pour everything out so that nothing remains unwritten or unnoticed. When I wanna write ignoring every bit of thing happening around me.

Whether people are talking about that spicy topic or they are crying over a most sentimental issue. Nothing attracts me rather than run to the words coming out from my fingers.

At these moments I create content but feel dissatisfied for unable to write everything I had with me. Because I could not give every idea a direction and could not chase them to a point, I could get the satisfaction.

At such time we are at the top of the world of motivation. When we feel we are the best writer and we could write things what has never been written. At these times we feel fortunate to follow this idea of becoming a writer. Because it gives us the ideas we didn’t even know we know about them until we wrote those articles.

And then comes the times……

When I forget about my writing routine and skip my daily writing notes I think I am committed to. At these times there are ideas I could not chase, thoughts I could not mold into words. Because I don’t have any set of words fitting those ideas going inside my mind.

Maybe I am short at words or these moments are not made to mold into words. These are the time I just want inspiration to strike me and hit me so hard that I don’t doubt my capability as a writer.

Art has so many restrictions. Where job people know what they have to do and how much time it will take to complete, we don’t even know what we are going to do. How far our work will take us? How much time it’ll take us to chase those ideas we just have cling to?

At these times we don’t wanna do the work we once chose to do with passion. We start doubting our worth as a writer. Dilemmas start taking place over the clear sort of mind we had. Should we follow the idea of becoming a writer or not? Should we also do routine jobs which will give us proper ideas of how our day is going to be spent on?

The ups and downs drop us…

This journey of ups and downs drop us to a place we didn’t even dream exists for us. At a place where we don’t doubt on being a writer because the whole world gives us the title of being one.

Then we don’t wanna stop chasing this idea because we know we are worth chasing it. We start thinking if I don’t worth it then who does.

We have to hold ourselves for so long that ups and downs can’t make us leave the journey. We just have to stick with the idea we once believed in.

We can’t have that same level of motivation every time and make our hands create incredible content but our hands need some rest too. It needs rest for making its flow better and efficient. To charge up the energy it has lost while working. So it’s our responsibility to charge our hands so that it could work again like it used to. But if you won’t charge it on time it may lose its power.

You have to put it to rest and get recharged rather than forcing it to run when its discharged.

I know we can create content even at times when we are at the lowest motivations by not accepting what our mood has to say. But we can’t disappear these times from our calendar.

If anyone can survive and believe in himself at both these times then it will be worth spending them. I do face dilemmas if this idea of becoming a writer is worth following or not. Because I doubt the idea I once believed in and then that idea comes back with its energy and convinces me to carry it on.

As to what Jeff Goins has said in the article Are You A Good Writer or Bad One? Here’s The Difference.

The difference between good writer and bad writers has little to do with skill. It has to do with perseverance. Bad writers quit. Good writers keep going. That’s all there is to it.- Jeff Goins

We have to be stubborn enough so that we can pass every up and down and stick with the idea we once believed in.

I didn’t know I would have to take up this ride every other day of my life. I really didn’t know this writing thing or other arts give us a ride that we can’t resist. We have only two options either to come out by screaming like a frightened kid or face all its ups and downs.

The latter one pays us off. So take up the ride like a grown up and face every up and down as if you know it’s worth suffering for.

Do you wanna taste the pleasure of riding? I love to ride in reality as well in my mind. Though those goosebumps frighten me and try hard to convince me to come out of the ride. But I am sensible enough to know that this isn’t a nightmare rather it’s an adventure that many are unable to experience.

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