What’s on the Bottom Of Your Cup?


I couldn’t get my coffee right this morning. I know I added the perfect amount of sugar and cream but it still wasn’t right. I added more, stirred it up, tasted it and it still wasn’t right.

I poured it out. As the coffee fell from the cup into the sink my mind started to churn. Life can be like a cup of coffee.

In the bottom of the cup lay all the sugar and cream I’d added. What I thought I stirred had settled at the bottom.

In life we keep adding stuff to make it better. We assume we’ve stirred it up enough but things just keep getting worse, stuck on the bottom and stagnant. So we pour it out and start over or we keep stirring to get the perfect flavor.

Two things to consider when you get a bad cup.

  1. Do you really need this cup? For me, the answer was no. I broke up with coffee months ago yet somehow when things get rough we go back to what we know has worked in the past.When you change the game you are playing you must let go of the equipment you used in favor of the equipment you need for the new game.
  2. Does it need stirring up or dumping out? There are times when we have what we need and stirring it up allows us to find the good. Other times we need to dump it out and start over because the mess that it is, is too great to fix.

Whatever’s in your cup today, it must be analyzed. Sometimes you start over, sometimes you stir.

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