What’s That #1 Thing You Can Do That No One Else Can?

That’s a tough question right?

Not so tough as you think, there’s that #1 thing you can do better than many other people.

Practicing for years in a chosen field without excelling is unfortunate; its tough when people don’t make a name for themselves no matter how hard they try…

Perhaps they lack that #1 thing.

At this point, you’ll be absolutely right if you’ve decided to pursue that #1 thing vigorously even if you’re still not clear what it is.

Alright, let’s delve in and find out what it is…

The reality of that #1 thing

There’s rarely that #1 thing that’s exclusive to only one person on earth.

But hold on…

Look around, there are a thousand and one photographers, web designers, tailors, caterers, coblers, hair stylists and more all excelling in different measures.

For every one thousand artisans or technocrats, there are a few household names you reckon with.

Considering your abilities, have you ever assumed yourself indispensable to your team?

Probably you’re shoe size is so distinct that Dolce & Gabbana just built a unique pair for you?

Well you’ll have to reconsider those thoughts.

Abilities are divinely distributed to everyone on earth in different measures, remember the Biblical story of a master who distributed talents in different measures to his servants according to their abilities. 5, 2 and 1.

The master had assessed these servants over time and saw that #1 thing exclusive to each one and chose to deal with them differently.

The servant with 5 talents had possibly proven himself time and time again that he has that #1 thing that the other two weren’t sufficient in.

I guess you know the concluding part that he didn’t perform less than expected.


That #1 thing he did so well and mastered over the years.

Here’s that #1 thing you’ll have to do…

Have you ever enrolled for a contest that you prepared so hard that you knew deep down that the grand prize was yours for the taking?

You did not mind losing sleep to ensure you were successful.

In most cases, you may not be able to exert intense effort on all areas in your life, but the drive to daily choose to excel in whatever you find your hands to do brings you closer to that #1 thing that would eventually make you a voice to be reckoned with.

In sports, politics, business, religion, entertainment, we reckon with a few that have that #1 thing that have made them exceptional.

These are everyday people.

They’ve refined that #1 thing that will position them as an authority.

However, it won’t be a walk in the park; you’ll need to develop a 100% or Nothing mind-set to be remarkable.

Trust me, you have what it takes do that #1 thing.

#1. Keep your preferred trailblazer in sight

Driving late at night probably during rain storms on a lonely highway, I intentionally reduce speed for an oncoming vehicle to take the lead and I’ll rev up immediately after.

I have to keep him in sight and follow closely to ensure I don’t miss him.

As good as this technique is, you can’t go after every vehicle as some drivers could be outrightly reckless.

A preferred trailblazer could be a person or company you’ve identified and have decided to study to know how they really get things done. Their success secrets are usually a mystery for onlookers, they’ll keep such to their chest. you’ll have to figure them out yourself.

Trade secrets are never revealed, success strategies are never shared on air or on social media. You still have to figure them out yourself.

Study your preferred trailblazer closely and keep them in sight to find out that #1 thing they do differently. This may take time.

#2. Outperform your trailblazers while staying in lane

As visibility improved while driving, I rev up closely to my lead vehicle in anticipation to overtake, our destinations could defer, he was just my lead. This invariably means that you mustn't aim for same goal, he just serves as your guide.

What if you continue in his path and he leads you south while you’re headed east?

You need to know where your going to avoid being led off course.

In business and career, outperforming your trailblazers could be tough honestly, unless you aren’t chasing the right ones. It’s like going after Formular One’s champion — Lewis Hamilton.

Your trailblazers are men and women who have the drive to succeed and have results to show, they are go-getters and influencers.

To attain this class, you’ll have to strive to outperform them if you must get them to notice you and that means doing that #1 thing so well.

Here’s a clue of what to expect…

Time — they could be miserly with their time and may likely resent you if you suggest a mentor-mentee relationship. Top executives have dozens of meetings to attend and a score more to avoid. Time is a precious asset they rarely can afford to spare.

Social class — they shield their social circles tightly, but this shouldn’t intimidate you. Some could really be humble, but that could be a handful.

To outperform, stay focused and be a self-starter, initiate things on your own and perfect that #1 thing.

Find that #1 thing and grow it.

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