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When Writing For Money Gets You Down

Here is how to get back up.

Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

It’s hard to write.

It’s even harder to write when you start doing it for money.

It sucks the joy that you once got from writing out of you, and you are left with nothing but the dying need to write and write. Yet, you no longer know what you are writing for.

A part of yourself is convinced, absolutely convinced that you are writing because you love to. You delude yourself into thinking that this feeling you get is joy when in all reality, is it really?

Are you really writing for joy, or are you writing because you hope to gain money from it?

If you are in this limbo, then take a break from writing for money.

When one suddenly starts writing for money, it is easy to get consumed by it. You no longer measure how good a story is from reads or comments.

No, suddenly the worth of your writing is determined by the amount of money made from those claps.

Your worth of writing is suddenly calculated based on whether people feel like pressing that clap button.

As I said before: take a break from writing for money.

Sit in a cafe or your favourite corner with a pen and paper. As you do so, think about what you want to write.

Remember, you are not writing for money and you are not writing to gain an audience.

You can write anything.

A flash fiction? Sure! Poetry? Go ahead!

Write the first words that come to you and never look back.

Keep writing and make sure to keep it true to yourself. Not once are you allowed to think ‘damn, will people even like this?’.

Keep writing and writing until you have finally, finally found yourself once more.

And then, only then, go back to writing for money if you really need to.

Just remember that if writing starts sucking the life out of you again; take time to write for yourself.