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Why Everyone Should Write

And read too.

Image Source : Pixabay

Consuming content in the form of video is lucrative. You stare at the visuals and if the content is engaging then you digest some of the teachings.

In reading you have to make a conscious effort to understand. If the written content is boring, not engaging or something of less value to you then you don’t read further.

Hence reading is a great exercise to engage your muscles. It makes sure whatever you read is making sense, is connecting. Because if it isn’t then you stop reading. It doesn’t matter what you read. Remember to keep an open mind and you will end up In a better place than before.

Read perspectives different from yours, news gossip and humorous content. Because it engages your brain and makes it work. It lets you think from a different angle and understand other person clearly. You may not end up liking other side or shifting your views. But you get the gist of why someone would support an idea or say something.

I suggest-

  1. News article
  2. Blogs of topics you like and something which fascinates you
  3. Books preferably e-books. (Big fan of kindle here)

Your Personal Diary

Everyday you learn something, improve your skill or end up becoming more mature. If you see around — you can find yourself with lessons to share, failures to learn and exciting experiences to share. Often you let them stay as it is and it is lost in the wind of time. And sometimes it comes back like a boomerang,

But what if…

You shared the experiences with the world. And let your inhibitions out in the paper.

You don’t have to write to make it a business or to gather huge following. You should aim for it when you have a business and you are starting a blog of your business. Other wise just start a blog and write about anything you like. What you learnt, what is your prediction or why you do certain things the way you do.

If you find an audience like in medium or Quora then great. Regardless keep writing for the 3 reasons.

  1. Writing is liberating. Whatever stress you have vanishes when you sit down and let the thought to process. Everything seems like a calm ocean when you are finding phrases to write and make a meaning out of it.
  2. Writing bring clarity. Your thoughts are jumbled and sometimes you need the confusion to make sense. Great — go ahead and write down. When you put words to paper or write digitally you need to force yourself for a clearer vision. And when you re-read you get where or why you were stuck.
  3. Writing brings change. If not in anyone’s life then your life will be transformed for good. When you make an habit to write daily or weekly then your brain will process the daily routine with a writers perspective. You will stop, think and analyse instead of quick action, blurred vision and hasty decision.

Start Today

Writing diary was fun. But you can write it online here on medium or elsewhere. You decide. You can go anonymous and when you feel ready you can share your name. Either way if you aren’t writing then today is the best day to start.

I wish you all the best for your writing journey.