Why I quit posting daily on Medium

When quantity prevailed over quality and writing became mechanical.

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Like many others on this platform, I also have plunged into that stream of how-to articles.

How to write a novel in seven days, how to find the time to write when there’s no such thing as time, how to always write something everyday, how to never run out of inspiration and so on. What never runs out of inspiration, is indeed this kind of article; in fact, there is a constant and daily reboot of this subject that every Medium reader and writer needs to find on the daily digest. As Jessica Jungton pointed out, writers on Medium need to read the same tips about writing over time, penned by different authors but with the same calls to actions in them. Why does that happen? Because constant incitement fuels creativity each time more. As artists, we are subject to plateau, so we need an ever-returning feedback on how to do the job at the top of our game.

But as for me, I have run out of writing tips to give, for the time being, that is. And write about writing is the most immediate way to have ready-to-be-posted content; the message is clear, the intentions too and both are expressed with direct, simple and effective language. But sooner or later we get into a loop and we lack of originality. In my case, at least, it works like that.

Adding to that, the thought of having to put out an article every day started to feel like an obligation and this made me somehow anxious and ideas seemed to be stuck. If there were any. Creativity was stalling because it didn’t have the time to process ideas and lacking this, it was not possible for me to write nothing useful, let alone pleasant.

A weekly, and more creative-friendly, schedule.

So I decided to quit trying to post every day for a month and instead focus on my weekly writing schedule. Look how I pinned my writing duties during the week.

Monday: I post content for the Medium 52-week writing challenge on my personal WordPress blog; the post contains an excerpt from my journal “The End of the Rainbow”, describing an episode from my three-year residency in Brazil. The episode, which is called the “Beam”, is enriched by comments and considerations and contains a moral message in the end. I automatically share it through Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday: I import the Beam from my blog to Medium. Eventually I write an original Medium article, inspired by the Beam. Sometimes it is an alternate version of the Beam itself or a clarification or explanation of it. I manually share it through Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday: I post the picture that accompanied the Beam on Instagram, complete with a tagline and the transcription of the link, even if it is not clickable. I manually share the picture through Facebook and Twitter.

Thursday: I post the “Frequency” of the week, an episode about personal growth and motivation on how to always keep a positive vibe. The article contains life episodes of persons I know (friends, workmates) who pass through hard times in their life and shows how they deal with them. I import the article directly on Medium, sharing it through Facebook and Twitter.

The Mediumverse.

I write original Medium articles when inspiration strikes and normally, I get inspired by other Medium writers. I let my fellow writers’ work inspire me, because that’s what we do through writing; we help each other. We are all part of the Mediumverse.

Since I follow the weekly schedule above, my creative process started to roll again and inspiration comes freely and without forcing.

It is good to look for words in a pro-active way, when words are not coming, but do not write just to fill a blank page or in order to not miss your daily writing challenge. That is, do it if you are able to and prone to, but this is not necessary to create quality content.

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You can find my weekly articles here: alessandrotinchini.wordpress.com

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