Would You Follow Me?

I love medium, quora and countless other social medium where I can write and vent out my frustration, sometimes I write to force myself out of boredom. And when I feel inspirational, I write to make people happy, push and become better. It all seems good and it brings out the best. The answers or post reaches far more people than I could ever imagine.

It is a beautiful thing in the online chaos. Being able to put out thoughts which possibly be read by 100 people is amazing. And the social validation keeps the game going.


And that is a big but. Because the platform is owned by companies — who at their heart have the best interest but the future is not 100 percent certain.

Hence, it makes sense to have your own email list all the time. Doesn’t matter if you have a personal blog or not, having your own email list means you can start all fresh if a platform dies. You don’t have to fear about your fan vanishing all of a sudden.

That’s why having 78 followers on medium feels great to me, it gives me chills to know that if medium collapses then I have no means to connect with them. Unless each of them remembers my blog or search me furiously on internet. Which most of them won’t.

The Journey to Get Subscribers

Currently I have 14 subscribers to my personal blog. And I am aiming to get it to 100 for the first milestone. The idea is to write on medium, quora and guest post on other sites to drive the traffic base and get people who connect to subscribe.

I hope you do subscribe to my personal email list. Here are some of the things I intend to do with you as my fan:

  1. No freebie for signups. However when I make a minimum viable product, you will be the first to get it.
  2. I send weekly articles which are my observations, sometimes rants and an introspection of humanity.
  3. Along the line, some fiction books and few non-fiction ones to make an impact.

The day and age we live in is the golden one. Where you can write and change perception, give hope and show empathy. All it needs is a little bit of care and understanding.

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