Writers, please keep writing!

This is something that’s been on my mind for some time now and I have to vent it out. I’m part of quite a few writing communities and I’ve seen people who, unfortunately, believe that they are great at writing. In reality, that isn’t the case. They’re bad but my rant isn’t about them. There’s an altogether different tribe that are much worse than them — The people who write well.

No, the problem isn’t with everyone who writes well. The problem is with everyone who writes well but writes rarely. Like when there is a National Holiday or an eclipse or …just ask a friend of yours who fits into the above category and you’ll soon know that the list of excuses is endless.

I’ve made quite a few friends who write really well and fortunately, this pushes me to improve my writing. You are really moved by what they write and you look forward to reading more of what they write but that doesn’t happen because they aren’t writing. This hurts. It seriously does.

I believe writers are the ones who light the world because, for me, the essence of life lies in all the stories we share. I see them writing amazing stuff and I find myself craving their words but they simply elude me. I’ve tried telling these wizards(I mean it!) that they ought to write more but so far my efforts have been futile.

The most common and also the lamest response I get when I ask them why they don’t write more often, is “I need inspiration”. They feel that their muse will, out of the blue, make an appearance and plant a kiss on their forehead. Abracadabra! The words start flowing and a miracle happens. Life isn’t a Cinderella story. What are you — a writer or a waiter?!

I could go on and on with this, but I don’t want to because I’m tired of my own rant. All I want to say is that you might not be aware of the power of your words but your writing can actually touch someone’s life. There are people out there who are eager to read the things you write and hopefully, you’ll oblige.

P.S: Regarding the ones who suck at writing, two questions I’m asked is, “Why don’t you help them, then?” and “You don’t have to judge them. Why can’t you just appreciate the fact that they’re trying?”

1. I think I’m not good enough to help someone with their writing

2. I do appreciate the fact that they’re trying and all. But I believe I have the right to not like something. If I ever feel someone’s writing sucks, I keep it to myself. I prefer judging in silence to criticizing in public.

P.P.S: Sorry about the rant

**** Thank you for reading :) ****

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